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I invite all visitors and clients who interact with me, to offer some feedback on their experience.  

You may do so using the Testimonial Form below

Here's what some of my clients have said:-


Helena, Coventry

My son is no longer finding it difficult to talk about his feelings.  It feels like a miracle!

Millie, Solihull

I am more than glad that I have experienced different types of therapy with Bobby and I find what he does so inspiring as he has helped me realise that I can have control of my own thoughts instead of being tangled up in them all! This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. 

Carol, Birmingham

Highly recommended! Dr Sura was patient, kind, reflective, practical, fair, neutral and encouraging.

Martin, Hall Green

Everyone reaches a stage in life when they need some help. Bobby Sura has helped me tremendously in only a short space of time. He has helped me to see the wood from the trees and to be able to relax again after being lost in a world of endless stress and anxiety. 

Annette, Dorridge

A significant level of balance has been achieved in family life -something we thought was unachievable. Thank you.

Barbara, Birmingham

I have only been attending the clinic for a short time but am already feeling substantial benefits...impressive

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