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Psychological Assessment, Therapy & Consultation

Clinical Psychology Direct

If you are looking for an experienced Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist in the Solihull, Birmingham & West Midlands area UK, you are in the right place.  Having over 25yrs experience working with a range of client groups, I can help with most common emotional, adjustment and psychological needs.  I only work with issues where I have a track record of being able to make positive changes towards, and can recommend colleagues with appropriate skills if I am not the right person to help. 

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It can require courage to seek psychological help. As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Accredited  Psychotherapist, I can support you in understanding what you may be experiencing, before developing a therapy plan that fits with your needs.  Together, we will navigate a course to realising your hopes, aspirations and goals.

-Dr Bobby Sura BSc (Hons), DClinPsy, PGDip, CPsychol

Registered with the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology

and Health Care Professions Council (with eligibility for registration with UKCP)

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Happier Early Years

There are few stresses compared to the worry we have about our children.  Parents want to help their children find the resilience and confidence required to manage their troubles, in a time that is often fraught with social pressures, academic strain and huge emotional and physical changes taking place internally. Whether it is body image, anger, self harm, depression, anxiety, school refusal, reactions to loss, change or some other expression of distress, I can help. As a Consultant in the field, I care about children and families, and can also assess for diagnostic concerns such as ASD, ADHD or problems of Insecure Attachment. Schedule an appointment today, and I will work to engage your child or teenager without making them feel blamed or flawed.

Family Board Game

Family Therapy and Counselling

Better Together

Family life is sometimes a complex interplay between meeting each others hopes and dreams, without neglecting your own.  If challenging circumstances arise, the delicate balance can easily be thrown off course.  Whether it be loss, transition, health needs, teenage angst or something else, talking collectively with an accredited Family Therapist can make a real difference. Contact me today to discuss how best to set up a first session.

Lover's Shadows

Losing confidence in your couple relationship? Nothing seems to lift your spirits, or help you communicate? Have you lost trust in one another? If so, it might be time to seek professional help. In my experience, couples who want to stay together (or have decided they wish to separate) have very common needs and wishes, that have become lost. Sessions with me will support you in getting past the blame and hurt, through a process of perspective taking in which each person can speak and feel heard. I will help you create a space of mutual respect and safety, from which to plan what your future holds.  Contact me whenever you are ready to talk.

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Employee Assistance Programmes and Corporate Wellbeing

Smart and Productive

Where organisations invest so much in technology, product development and service design, isn't it time to invest in the most important asset of all - it's people? A happy, healthy, confident and emotionally aware workforce can be more productive and client focussed. I can offer a needs assessment, or meet with the leadership team to create a bespoke package for your workplace. Whether it is stress management, mental health first-aid training,  building self-esteem, learning mindfulness or return to work after sickness, I can help psychologically.  As director at Solihull Well Being Clinic, I can also release practitioners who have a whole range skills to enhance wellbeing at the level of of body, heart and mind.


Training Courses & Workshops

Growth and Development

Emotional health and psychological wellbeing are finally becoming a central consideration in work and education settings, rather than something to be hidden or hushed up.  As an experienced Psychologist, I can create bespoke training packages to address your needs. My team can also offer nutritional workshops, chi yoga, sustaining lifestyle change courses, meditation, mindfulness, resilience training and art or drama therapy based therapeutic workshops to name a few possibilities.  I also offer clinical supervision to counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists.  Let me know what you are seeking, or just

contact me to talk through options.


Psycholegal & Expert Witness Work for Courts

Whether it is a matter of assesment following a road traffic accident, work related stress, parental alienation (contact disputes after divorce and separation), parental risk assessments, care proceedings, sibling or parent-child attachments or therapeutic support to adults and children in these circumstances, I can assist.  I am Bond Solon trained as an expert witness, with skills in writing expert court reports and giving evidence under cross examination.  It is usually the case that your solicitor or legal representative would need to contact me, to organise a formal letter of instruction. I'd be happy to have an informal chat, if that helps.


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Individual Psychological Therapy

A Contented, Healthier You

In therapy sessions, we’ll start with a short assessment before developing a framework from which to move forwards. The aim of therapy will be to listen carefully to your hopes and problems, before considering the resources needed to make progress. I use a multi-modal psychological approach to improve positive thinking, bring emotional relief, resolve past hurts and bring about your preferred future. My approach draws on many therapy modalities, such as CBT, Solution Focussed, Mindfulness, Narrative, Systemic and Person Centred counselling.  I will work with you to find the best fit, so that your needs can be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Bridges to Understanding

Couple and Marital Therapy

Expert Reports

Contact Me

Clinical Psychology Direct, 

15 Highfield Road, Hall Green,

Birmingham, B280EL


Below, you can browse some of the articles I have written to help you before, during and between therapeutic sessions.  If these articles can be improved, please do share your thoughts with me.


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